Group Classes

  1. We offer a combination of classes throughout the month, for which you need no appointment.  This is a very effective way to learn to dance. 
  2. Our group classes are taught by two very experienced instructors providing you with the opportunity to learn your individual parts quickly.  This allows you to develop technique and skills on a more immediate basis.
  3. This helps you to remember steps, and gives you the confidence to move forward in a friendly and fun setting.  We believe the best way to learn is to build on previous classes.  We conduct our classes, rotating frequently so everyone is constantly dancing with each other (especially if they are single).

For beginners to intermediates, we offer customized group classes.  If you have a group of 5 individuals or more, we will construct a class for you at no additional charge.  This also applies to elementary, middle and high school ages



Registered with state of Florida as a ballroom dance studio #14

2008 Crystal Blue Ballroom