FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long will it take to become a good dancer?

    Everyone's dance needs and comfort level are different.  Also it depends on how proficient you want to become in each dance.  The best thing is that you decide what you want, and we will help you achieve your goal in the fastest, most enjoyable way.
  2. Can anyone learn to dance?

    Yes!  We have taught hundreds of beginners to become confident social dancers.
  3. Will dancing improve my life?

    Yes!  You'll make new friends, release stress, improve your health, network, and acquire poise and confidence.  Dancing is a great source recreation and relaxation and most of all, its FUN!
  4. Do I need a partner?

    No.  We teach both singles and couples.  If you are a single pupil your teacher will be your partner for your private lessons.  Our group lessons workshops and dance parties will offer you many opportunities to meet other students with common goals and interests. 
  5. How much does it cost to get started?

    Our $25.00 introductory special consists of two 30 minute private lessons and one dance party.  After your introductory special, your teacher will suggest the best and fastest way for you to learn. 

    And here at the Crystal Blue we guarantee that we will teach you as fast as you can learn, in a friendly, fun and economical way.  Call us at (727) 392-5395.  Let's get started!


Registered with state of Florida as a ballroom dance studio #14

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